SPECIALISTS IN REGULAR AND CUSTOM MADE RIDING GEAR (WHOLESALE AND RETAIL) Retail and Wholesale - Specialists in Regular and Custom Made Riding Gear



About Rubber Side Down:

Rubber Side Down Motorsport Clothing Inc. is a Canadian owned company located in Richmond BC., Canada.  We opened our doors in 2008 and have seen steady growth every year since.  RSD now has dealers across Western Canada and in the territories, and is steadily developing networks right across the country.

Rubber Side Down works directly with our manufacturer.  We have full control over everything that is produced with our name on it, from start to finish.  Because of  this, in addition to our regular line of clothing, Custom Made clothing in any design, size, color, shape, feature etc. is also easily available from us.   Leather & textile fashion wear, accessories of all types, casual wear, corporate promotional wear, and  virtually anything else a person or company needs can be produced.

RUBBER SIDE DOWN MOTORSPORT CLOTHING INC.  does not only make Custom Made Gear.   Our store is well stocked with regular sizes of our different lines, for those looking to purchase ready made riding clothing.

We truly are a “One Stop Clothing Shop”.

Rubber Side Down only works manufacturer direct. There are no distributors or middlemen to drive up the prices. You deal directly with us every step of the way.  Customers avoid the headaches if something goes wrong with their gear and they are told that they must contact the manufacturer directly.

Custom made clothing in all sizes, designs, colors and features are  constantly increasing in demand from our customers. Please see the testimonials section on this website.  When you purchase a custom made article from us, you literally build your own riding gear from the ground up.

On this website you will see SOME of our designs.  There are literally over a hundred designs available in men’s leather riding jackets alone.  It would be impossible to display everything on this site.

What we have done, is showcase some of our more popular styles, to give you an idea of the broad range of riding gear available.  If you see something you like but want to change it somehow, just let us know.  If you like what you see as it is, we can get it to you quickly.

We like to say that “Nothing is too difficult for us to make.”



A Breif History:

Rubber Side Down Motorsport Clothing Inc.  was started with one goal in mind;  To provide top quality, protective riding gear to our local riders, our dealers across Western Canada and all of the different riding organizations interested in our product.

Josh Dirnfeld, owner of Rubber Side Down, believes there is an alternative to paying the often inflated prices for the very large, name brand riding gear.  He did the research, contacted manufacturers worldwide, negotiated, and made it clear what he wanted in the RSD product lineup.  Josh states that “prior to opening Rubber Side Down I looked at samples from all over the world before making the decision as to what protective gear I was going to sell. “Good” was often not good enough.  My vision ultimately became a reality”

Rubber Side Down produces products with practical, non-gimmicky features. What you see is what you get on all RSD clothing. Straight to the bone, cutting edge gear that does what it is supposed to do in the most straightforward way possible.  Our gear has proven itself time and again in all types of riding conditions”.

RSD innovation is an ongoing process.  We are committed to constant improvement, and using new and functional features on our gear. Insights and suggestions from our customers help us to manufacture clothing designed for what our riders really want.

I learned first hand what protective, quality motorcycle clothing was all about from my years racing motorcycles. I felt it was important to pass this knowledge along to other riders at fair prices, Josh says.

All Rubber Side Down garments are pre – inspected, before leaving the factory and are not sold until all quality standards have been met.  This includes, CE rated protectors, the highest quality textiles and leather and durable, long lasting hardware.

If there is a piece of clothing displayed on our website which is not in stock, we will order it in for you.

Please email or call us directly if you are interested in becoming a dealer of the RSD product.

If you would like more information on services, pricing, dealer incentives or anything else, please get in touch with us.  We would love to hear from you.

In closing, it would be wrong of us not to tell you to always “keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down !”

Best Regards,

Josh Dirnfeld